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Albert-Emile Elzas Photographer

Copyright Notice


The author of these photographs is:

Albert-Emile Elzas
PO Box 27367
Los Angeles, CA 90027 USA

This site and all of its contents are under copyright (© 2020). Individual photographic images additionally copyrighted (© 1966–2020). All rights are reserved under the United States and international copyright laws.

Images on this site are not licensed for any use other than personal viewing on this site. All other rights to reproduction, reuse or publication of any image, in any manner whatsoever, are strictly reserved. Use of any image, in whole or in part, requires the express written consent of the author.

None of the persons in the photographs (quite a few of whom are still friends) have signed a model release. If you are one of them and you wish not to be seen on this web site, please contact me by email (Contact/Comment)

Copyright Notice
Order Prints

Ordering Prints

You may want to print one of my pictures to put on your wall or refrigerator. That would violate the copyright (see Copyright Notice above), and I would regret having my work so poorly rendered at 72 dpi. I would much prefer getting an email from you saying why you would like a copy (Contact/Comment). If it’s a reason I like, I will send you a form to fill out and mail back with $5.00 and a mailing address, and in return I will send you an unsigned, 5 x 7", non-archival inkjet print (300 dpi on Canon S600 printer) on 8½x11" heavyweight matte paper. Add $2.00 if outside North America. Please specify photo number (in parentheses below the full-sized image) and describe the image.

Archival quality, lab-produced inkjet machine prints, limited-issue numbered and signed, 5 x 7" image on 8 x 10" glossy paper, start at $85.00. High-resolution Lightjet 5 x 7” silver prints on 8 x 10" or 11 x 14" glossy photographic fiber paper and giclé prints on various papers are also available for collectors. Contact me for details or for other requests (Contact/Comment).

Actual image dimensions are 7" (17.75 cm) in length, while width varies, around 4½" to 5" (11.5 to 12.7 cm).

Printed images are not licensed for any use other than personal viewing at home or place of work.

Publication of any photo requires prior written approval and is subject to conditions and restrictions. No work may be used or publicly displayed without attribution. If you would like to use one of my photos in your publication, please contact me (Contact/Comment).

Technical Information

Photographs before 1978 were shot with a Honeywell Pentax H3v camera body, most often with a 24 mm lens on Kodak Tri-X 400 ASA or Plus-X 200 ASA film. Almost all others were taken using a Nikkormat FT camera body with a 28 mm Nikon ƒ/2.0 lens on Kodak Tri-X 400 ASA, Plus-X 200 ASA or T-Max 400 ASA film. All were taken with available light. My current work is shot mostly on T-Max , with an occasional roll of Tri-X thrown in.

The negatives are scanned at 2700 dpi into Adobe Photoshop 7 using a Canon CanoScan FS 2710 scanner. Most of the photos are minimally cropped. In a manner similar to the traditional printing process, the light levels, contrast and brightness of the images are adjusted in various areas of the photo, which is then digitally dodged, burned in and spotted for dust and scratches. I also keep a copy (layer) of the unretouched scan. Image resolution in the 5x7" format is 600 dpi.

My skill with Photoshop has much improved since I first started scanning negatives four years ago, even since last year. Thus some of the photos on this site, because they were scanned two or more years ago, may show poor dodging/burning or could be improved by better handling of contrast and light levels. They will be rescanned over time.

Photos on this site have are shown at 72 dpi.

Technical Info
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